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This is a shared account limited to 100 users.
Each user will be able to post up 7 SCHEDULED posts each week; with ZERO LIMITS on how many immediate posts they will each be able to publish to their social channels.
Here are some details from my original purchase:
Unlimited addition of frequently used hashtags

Unlimited communication with customers on Facebook

Unlimited response to Facebook comments

Facebook – pages and groups

Telegram – groups and channels

Twitter – accounts

Google – business accounts

Instagram – feed and stories

LinkedIn – company pages and personal profile

WhatsApp – groups

Configure the design of the interface

Slack and WordPress integration

Calendar with dates and holidays

Project user roles

More than 1 photo in a post

Opt-out of promotion mailings from partners

Ad-free interface

2,000 scheduled posts per month

Unlimited schedule-ahead period

Unlimited video & GIF posting

Unlimited number of recurring tasks
Being a shared ‘workspace’ each member will be able to potentially publish content on another user’s linked social channel. Post-O-Plan is currently working on establishing sub-accounts, but until then there is not 100% security from one user publishing content to another user’s Facebook page, LinkedIn account, etc. However, it is actually remarkably easy to navigate the UI and remain highly individual within a shared monthly calendar post map.
For this reason we consider it grounds for immediate account deactivation for anybody who publishes on another user’s account.
As for content jacking; because we will be able to see other user’s published content the following rule of thumb applies:
There can be no indication whatsoever that the original publisher of any content is in any way shape or form affiliated with the re-publisher of that content.


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