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$1.00 for each week your lead gathering website pop-up campaign is active on your website.

Hello ~ Anthony Becerra here.
Like a few items we’ve added in the past this is may also be a subscription based service.
If you already know the amount of weeks you would like to run this campaign: simply pay for those amount of weeks.
However if you do not know than pay for the first week here and afterwards we will strategies your campaign and agree on a an automated payment plan moving forward.

Contact Anthony Becerra on Facebook if you have any questions regarding the specifics of this offer.

Otherwise, here is the 411 on this service:

We will create a page that pops up on your website (you pick the display options (trigger, frequency, device)). Visitors to your website will be presented with your campaign and engage with it.

Ideas for a campaign are:

Product Giveaway
Refer-a-Friend Contest
Get Customer Reviews
Daily Deal Popup
Sign up for Special Offers
Discount Coupon Popup
Cart Abandonment Popup
Free Shipping Bar
Ecommerce Photo Contest
Ecommerce Sweepstakes
Ecommerce Referral Contest
Ecommerce Vote Contest
Ecommerce Hashtag Contest

Following your purchase we will be contacting you immediately to gather the necessary info to your campaign.
A full report of your leads will be emailed out Saturday afternoon each week.
Early report submissions are completely valid ~ we just need to know in advance the designated day.

This is an awesome feature to have on your website and your target audience will love you for it!
Oh and we can’t forget to mention. There is a small matter of implantation on your end.

Upon completing your pop-up well offer you a small paragraph of code.

All you have to do is ask the person who manages your website to paste in the header of the web page you want the pop-up to appear.
And the rest is history!

The Applify Your Site campaign is one we are currently running (between the days of 7/13/2021 – 8.5/2021) and it has generated over 400 leads in less than one month. Not bad for an online store nobody knows about! 7/30/2021

Thank you for you time and interest,
Again contact either James at support or myself if you have any questions regarding this service.

Thank you!


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