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Hi guys, Anthony here. So until Gigrove (that’s the payment platform I’m using to host Grandamular) until they add subscription billing to their

platform this is one of those scenarios where I’ll have to send you a payment portal separate from this website.

No it’s not a onetime payment of $5. But instead $5.00/mo. or $48 for an entire a year.

These price points are based on half the price you’d pay using Crello’s online pricing plan ($9.99/mo vs $7.99 ann.).

I have ten seats, one workspace: just message me on facebook – – that you’re interested and I’ll

create your account, send you a onetime invoice, and we’ll be Crello buddies for life! (L: Presumably.

Here is the 411 on Crello.
Create studio-level visual content with an all-in-one design editor and thousands of ready-made templates
Whatever you create, build, or market, you want your content to pop!
But without the graphic design and software know-how, you’re stuck with MS Paint eyesores that flop. (“This is definitely not what I pictured in my
Looking to create a steady stream of posts, ads, and other content without sacrificing design quality?
Fortunately, there’s Crello, a digital graphic design powerhouse!
Enjoy one-click editing tools: background removal, animation, text edit, resize, photo effects, crop, fade, and contrast
Alternative to: Canva
Access 50,000+ ready-made professional design templates in 70+ formats, millions of premium photos, and eye-catching animations
Best for: Marketers and content teams who want a professional, fast-moving design tool without a steep learning curve


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